How to Choose a Garage Door

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Raleigh, North Carolina homeowners know shopping for garage doors can be tough. Buying a new garage door is making a serious investment for your home. It is a part of the home that will be visible for many years and have an impact on your home’s curb appeal. Most people will only purchase a garage door once in their lifetime, so this is the kind of thing that most people have little or no experience with. You really need to do some research. You can use today’s blog post as a good starter.

Garage Door Design

The overwhelming majority of homeowners are choosing garage doors on the basis of how they look. This is understandable since the garage door is very large and takes up a massive portion of the home’s exterior. Most garage doors are forward facing, so they are one of the first things people see when they approach the home. This means that garage door purchases end up also being about home value since they involve the ever important “curb appeal”.

Decades ago, you would have had only two choices when buying a new garage door: beige or white. Now it seems like you almost have too many options to choose from. Not only can you get any color you want (I would estimate that there are approximately 6000 paint options available for garage doors today), you can have several styles of window and even insulation added to the door. Also, the material choices you have are many. It used to be that a wood garage door would have to be a very expensive custom job, now some major manufacturers produce wood doors at pretty reasonable prices.

What about allowing in some light? Windows are an oft ignored option when homeowners are hunting for the next garage door. This is your opportunity to let in some natural light and make the garage a more inviting and pleasant place. Garages are not just places to store cards and boxes! You can even get modern style garage doors that are almost entirely glass.

While having all these options is a wonderful thing, you still have to keep the existing style of your home in mind. Some architectural styles allow for just about any garage door look to be implemented while still looking appropriate. Other home styles are far more specific and need to have all the major elements match. Modern glass garage doors, for instance, need to be implemented very purposefully with discretion.

Garage Door Materials

A lot of people just want the cheapest garage door they can get, and that is fine. If you are fairly gentle with it and do not care about its appearance, a garage door that was purchased simply because it was the lowest cost product available may do its job admirably for several years. However, if you do care about appearance and if you expect certain conditions to be taxing on the garage door, it may be wise to not let price be the sole priority. How long you plan to keep your garage door, the kind of wear and tear you make it endure, and how diligent you must be in maintaining it are all impacted by the choice of materials used to make your garage door.

Wood can be some of the very best looking garage doors ever made. As a matter of fact, I would dare argue that wood garage doors are overwhelmingly the most preferred garage doors when a homeowner is shopping at the higher end of the market. So what is holding them back? Well, the problem with wood garage doors is not only sticker shock but the increased maintenance demands. You must stain or paint wood garage doors every few years under normal conditions; maybe more if you live in a highly corrosive environment. Steel and aluminum garage doors are more durable, weigh less, and cost less. These are the most common garage door type you will see in your neighborhood. The need for cleaning and maintenance is reduced. A vinyl garage door can last even longer than the metal ones. The soft material is resistant to corrosion and dents. The drawback is the lacking insulation.

Garage Door Insultation

One thing is certain: the cost of energy is probably going to continue to rise. It is increasingly more important to make sure you are being more efficient with not only how you heat your home but how you retain the heat. Insulation is always a worthwhile investment in the home, including when buying a new garage door. Insulating a garage door means you can make use of your garage as a living or recreational space for most of the year. It also eliminates a huge source of heat loss in the home.

Thermal properties in home materials are measured in “R-value”. The higher the R-value, the better the door maintains the temperature of the garage and dampens sound travelling through it. There are two common types of garage do or insulation: polystyrene and polyurethane. The polyurethane garage door installation is “foamed in place”. That is to say, the insulation was a liquid foam sprayed onto the garage door. This type of insulation is superior since it fills up more space between garage door panels and other nooks and crannies. Polystyrene garage door insulation is sold in solid sheets that get pressed up against the garage door. There is a bit less R-value in garage doors with this type of insulation.

Cost of a New Garage Door

Lots of folk are taken aback when they hear how much the garage door they like actually costs. Most assume a garage door will cost almost twice what it really will. But just how much should you spend on a new garage door in Raleigh, North Carolina? Many real estate experts suggest spending as much as one percent of the value of your home on the new garage door in total. That should ensure that you are both getting a garage door that is worthy of your home without overspending so you get a return on that investment if you seek to sell the home later. Many experts believe you can expect 90% of your money back in a home sale.

So we know you need to consider the material you want the garage door to made from. This should also impact the style of the garage door. Your home’s style should have a lot of sway on the choice of the garage door. Where you live and what you do with your garage should also be taken into consideration. If you live in a cold environment or plan to spend lots of time in the garage, you should invest in an insulated garage door.